Musical Beginnings

For this week’s blog post I interviewed one of my good friends Dave who is an amateur producer. He is currently working on a few tracks which he hopes to upload to SoundCloud by next month as an extended play. Below is our interview:

Me: So Dave, tell us a little about how you first got in to making music, what inspired you?

Dave: Its funny, I’ve really never been musically inclined. In fifth grade I begged my mom to let me quit chorus (she didn’t), and I played the trumpet for a year as well in elementary school but could never really learn to read the sheet music so that was the end of that. I was always enthralled by music though, especially rap, and when I was 16 my older sister’s boyfriend introduced me to Fruity Loops. He showed me some of the basics but it took me another two years to really figure it out. I really love 40, Drake’s day one producer, he’s the real mastermind behind the Drake sound, and old Kanye is the shit. He’s a sampling genius. I guess their music is really what inspired me to keep toying around with production software.

Me: Production software confuses me. Any tips for beginners?

Dave: YouTube hahaha. I watched hours of YouTube videos, if you know anyone who knows how to use production software that’s definitely your best bet. GarageBand and free software is usually pretty self explanatory as well if you play around with it long enough. I think it really depends how much you want to make music, you’ll figure it out if you’re really passionate about it.

Me: So where can we hear some of your music? You mentioned to me before that you were planning on sharing it in the near future, which you’ve never done before. Why the secretiveness?

Dave: Not secretiveness, I just haven’t really been ready to share in the past. My music is really personal to me which makes me nervous I guess, I think it can be a cathartic experience though to open up like that. I’m also really picky and kind of a perfectionist, the music I’m working on now I’ve been fine tuning for about seven months, every time I hear it I hear something new that needs to be tweaked or something missing that I want to add, when I finally share it I want it to be the final product. I haven’t had a SoundCloud account up to this point, still trying to think of some good names actually… Dave is taken by Dave the rapper haha I don’t know if you know him. Not that I was planning on using Dave, the name is definitely important though if you want to get your music out there. I really only do this on the side though as more of a creative outlet/hobby/passion, I’m not anticipating this to take off or anything, although that would be crazy. Wouldn’t mind being a famous DJ or selling some beats to Drizzy.

Big thanks to Dave for taking the time to let me interview him. Hopefully I can mention his new SoundCloud name in a future post when he decides on one! Dave’s beats are spaced out and textured and great for vibing out.



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